With the fantastic successes of 2017 in the gin sector, from exclusive gin bars to a plethora of craft distilleries, we have been more than curious to peer into our crystal ball once more to discover what lies ahead in 2018. Our gin team has scoured the earth (*ahem, internet) for our top 5 predictions for the year to come. One thing we can all agree on, this superb spirit is here to stay.

Drinking Gin neat

Good Housekeeping UK spoke to Olivier Ward, co-founder of Gin Foundry and got his take on a few gin suspicions, one of which is the rising trend in drinking gin neat. The rise in popularity, according to Olivier, is mainly based on an increase in fruit gins and general calorie counting.

More flavour, less juniper

People are adding an array of new botanical flavours, unseen thus far. As we all know the gin culture encourages exploration above all, and many are taking advantage of this accepted need for discovery. For example, various distilleries in Japan are using ingredients such as sansho peppers, yuzu, green tea and cherry blossoms in their latest gin batches. Yet while there is much room to find new balances between botanicals, many are doing this at the cost of the true juniper flavour, the very essence of gin.

“Cross crafting”

What a time to be alive! Spirit, wine and beer connoisseurs across the spectrum are supposedly trying their hand at our favourite spirit as well, and we love it! Years of expertise in various alcohol-based professions, means new techniques, flavours, styles and specialties! A taste of this can be seen in the well known and award winning Japanese whisky distiller, Nikka, who has just launched a unique “Coffey Gin” which utilizes their coffey still and various Japanese botanicals.

Cheaper gins

Yay for all! With the increase in gin wonder, many craft gins have simply become too pricey for the man on the street to afford. Yet as the trend shifts and with it an influx of new and exciting competitors, we are certain cheaper gins are on the horizon.

Personalised gins

This is probably our favourite point. Gin has become the ‘spirit of spirits’ so to speak. It is the essence of socializing in many circles, across cultures and ages, and with the opportunity for anyone to make their own gin in the comfort of their own home, what is stopping you from adding a little extra something to your own batch? As with compound gin, it is simple to make and easy to wow, and calls for your own personal flair! A great gift or crowd pleasure at any event, gin is truly more than just another bottle of booze. It is an ever-expanding hobby, for both the novice and expert alike.