South African gin is not only a constantly developing hobby, it is also an excellent reason to get out and get busy exploring all that this wondrous country has to offer! Tucked away deep in the heart of Clarens in the Free State is not only quaint coffee shops and homemade spots ready for your next road trip, It also happens to boast a proudly South African local brewery, crafting our favourite spirit, GIN!

Named after the breathtaking ‘Rooiberge’ (or Red Mountains) surrounding the village of Clarens, Red Stone is the botanical brainchild of Stephan Meyer, brewer at Clarens Brewery. His great passion for creating products from distilling and fermenting fruit has seen this trendy and sophisticated craft spot delve into all sorts of exciting discoveries! From ciders, to liqueurs, juices and obviously gin, if there’s one thing that’s for sure it’s that these guys aren’t afraid to experiment!

If being nestled between mountains doesn’t already set the tone for great gin, then starting the process right in the heart of your very own organic apple orchard certainly does! The fermented apple cider base goes through a double purity distillation process creating superior quality Apple Schnapps. The guys at Clarens Brewery then do their magic by infusing a unique selection of imported herbs and botanicals. Think it ends there? Nope. This infusion is then distilled once more in their specially designed gin still, where after only the highest quality runnings are then bottled.

Tasting notes from the distillers themselves, this crystal clear gin has a refreshing bouquet of fruit and juniper on the nose that then melts over the tongue with a slight sweetness of fruit and berries. The finish is a balanced yet complex earthy tranquility. Enhanced by either pairing with high quality tonic, bitter lemon or even cucumber, this gin is enjoyable for tasters of all level, novice to enthusiast!

So gather your gear, call up your crew, borrow a bakkie (you are going to need the space for all the cases of Red Stone Gin you’re bringing back) and get going on your greatest gin adventure yet! Check their details below and do post some pics for those gin lovers still yet to experience this gin gem!


+27 (0)58 256 1193

+27 (0)82 901 4700


Rosemary Centre, 326 Market Street East

Clarens, Free State 9707