2018 is upon us, a new year with new possibilities! So why not kick your next event up a notch with an awesome gin-themed extravaganza! Complete with boozy desserts and homemade gin, naturally. No matter the occasion, birthday bash or next level braai, follow our simple tips for an event no one is soon to forget!


The drinks

We started with this point first for the simple reason that it is the very essence of your event and should stand out at all levels! Because gin tastings are all about exploration, we’ve chosen these 5 unique gins to get you started:

  1. Love Gin Homemade Gin – Your ‘secret batch gin’ of the event. Wait for the ‘oh my word that’s delicious!’ and then the big reveal that you’ve made this yourself! http://bit.ly/2s6LhK7
  2. Hope on Hopkins – Mediterranean Gin. A savoury gin with notes of olives, basil and rosemary.
  3. Pienaar & Son – Orient Gin. a heavily spiced mix of vanilla, rosemary, cinnamon, almonds, ginger and allspice.
  4. Six Dogs – Blue. This fascinating gin is a fun infusion of the blue pea flower, which turns pink when mixed with good tonic *hint hint.
  5. The Old Packhouse – Blueberry Gin. Exquisite notes of blueberry, caraway and fennel among classic gin favourites.


The food

There are 3 ways you could show off here:

  1. Go full out and really pair each gin with a small tapa aligned to its flavour profiles. Think simple, strong flavours such as smoked salmon, strong cheese, cured meats, lamb skewers and a fruit medley of berries and citrus fruits.
  2. More of a sweet tooth? Prep a few awesome gin-infused nibbles! Below are a few of our favourite recipes:
    1. G&T Truffles: http://bit.ly/2qp2CN1
    2. Ginamisu: http://bit.ly/2ubLo3W
    3. Gin & Tonic Cheesecake: http://bit.ly/2luy4DV
    4. Strawberry & Rosemary Gin Pavlova: http://bit.ly/2sK6bhA
    5. G&T marshmallows: http://bit.ly/2onfQcX
  3. Take the easiest route and order an array of different sushi! Yes, you heard us…sushi! The various notes of sweet, sour, salty, ginger, spicy lend themselves brilliantly as a super-simple gin pairing.


The something extras

From the sounds, to the smells, lighting and personalized touches, it’s all about a holistic sensory experience.

Set the tone for your big shindig by taking it back to a time where gin was popular. Immerse your guests with a little swing music and encourage them to come dressed the part! Be it classic Great Gatsby or the hippest hipster.

Create an extra special experience by buying a few popular gin botanicals they can pass around and smell while tasting some the same notes in your gin tasting. Want to get even fancier? Print out tasting cards with the name and tasting notes of each gin. #likeaboss

If it’s an intimate gathering, you could even go as far as getting your guests their very own homemade gin kit. Because you’re an awesome gin maker, you could do a live demonstration on how to make your very own homemade gin. They will then be able to take home their memorable party gift to further enjoy. http://bit.ly/2s6LhK7

All in all gin is about sharing, exploring, creating and learning more. Make your experience your own, and most of all, have fun!