The South African gin market has sparked enormous creativity among distillers over the past couple of years. We’ve taken an essentially British favourite, and found a number of ways to give it that local flair South Africans are so well known for. From unique names and locations to utilizing the best available local gin botanicals, we really seem to have embraced and surpassed what many thought was possible in the craft gin and distilling industry.

One such distiller, who has truly embraced the South African landscape as a melting pot for exquisitely unique flavours, is Flowstone. Crafted in the Cradle of humankind, Flowstone uses wild-growing African botanicals to create delicious gins any South African can be proud of.

“From the immutability of of the landscape to the vibrancy of the life that lives upon it, we wanted to create a range of gins that captures and celebrates that hard-to-define experience that keeps us coming back to the wilds of Africa time and time again. “ – Flowstone Distillers.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, unlike many gins leaning towards common citrus flavours, Flowstone has found an intriguing  balance between botanicals not quite yet explored. And we love it!

Their current 3 gins truly test the limits of what South African gin could open up the rest of the world to:

  1. Wild Cucumber: A stunning fruit somewhat resembling a yellow dragon fruit. With fascinating flavours throughout its life cycle, this fruit gives the gin a complex cucumber and kiwi base.
  2. Marula: Why has no one thought of this before? Probably one of the most notable African flavours, marula fruit offers a rare flavour somewhat between tangy passion fruit and rich, almost sweet lime.
  3. Bushwillow: While some are not quite sure what bushwillow even is, its delicious and that’s all you need to know. Bushwillow are seedpods with a nutty kernel. This produces a rich, nutty warmth in an unusually wooded and earthy gin.

All in all we are proud to call Flowstone a distinctly South African gin, and highly recommend a turn at their distillery in the picturesque Cradle of Humankind.

+27 12 205 1271