If you live in cultural Cape Town or are lucky enough to be visiting the area, then you simply cannot miss the quirkiest gin bar in the mother city. Imagine for a moment if you will, walking along the streets of the vibey CBD in the heart of the cape night. Bustling with world-famous nightlife, fascinating art galleries, delectable evening café’s and a whole lot of crazy cool tunes, you’re in a world of adventure and exploration!

A short turn here and a stroll up there you find yourself on Wale Street in front of a late night chocolate shop (yes you heard right!) beautifully named Honest Chocolate Café. It’s pumping with locals looking for a late night sweet treat. You slip through the crowd of confectionary between confidants, and literally step into the gorgeous alleyways of old town Mediterranean Europe. Light streams down from the moon itself and is strewn across the courtyard in lines of lit bulbs, lovers share secrets across curvy iron café stools and music and laughter envelop every crevice.

Deeper you go into the rabbit hole until you find yourself standing behind a bar reminiscent of a scene from ‘The Imaginarium of Dr.Parnassus’. Old sepia tone photos, a golden deer and elaborate wooden carvings are surrounded by a glorious selection of fine gins. Yet the plot thickens, for you do not merely order a cocktail, but an elixir for what ails your head, heart and soul.

You slowly sit back in one of the few available chairs, sip on a perfectly mixed gin creation and look around as you yourself become part of the very essence of this unique Cape Town speak easy.

Keen to make this your next gin adventure? We thought you might be…see below for more information or where to find them:

Tel: 0712412277

Email: hello@theginbar.co.za

Address: 64A Wale Street, Cape Town

Website: theginbar.co.za

Social: Facebook  |  Instagram