Drawing near to the December holidays (when we can finally pour a glorious summer gin on large blocks of ice!) means many last minute deadlines and dwindling energy. So many of us cannot wait for the end of the day, yet alone the end of the year, and then there is the long haul home sitting in the bustling Joburg traffic to only wake up and do it all again. A repetitive day for many a-gin-lover, yet it certainly does not need to be that way.

Situated just off Witkoppen on the Corner Posthouse Street & Main Road is a little slice of heaven right in the heart of Northern Jozi. Social on Main offers the perfect lunch/after-work stop off to take a break and have a gin! Their menu not only boasts a little something for everyone, from delicious street-style food to craft beers, but also our absolute favourite globe glasses gushing with glorious gin and tonic.

And seeing as the name is so encouraging, you simply have to invite your best friends for an afternoon of last-winter sun out on the patio, and a tot of relaxation, gin in hand.

A few G&Ts you simply must try:
Ginger, Coconut & Coriander: Gin lends itself superbly to this match made in heaven. The light heat of the ginger, a wonderful nuttiness in the coriander and the refreshing, light sweetness of the coconut makes you feel like you are already on holiday!
Blood Orange & Almond: The floral notes of certain gins are magically enhanced with a citrus twist, and when adding both blood orange and candied citrus peel it is a sweet delight even the novice can enjoy. Yet don’t forget the almond, a flavor that pairs famously with sophisticated spirits, and gin is no exception. The wonderful marzipan quality brings a surprising uniqueness to this exciting mix.
Raspberry and White Chocolate: If you love experimenting with gin (and have a slight sweet tooth) then this is the cocktail for you. The sour, berry quality is well balanced with dreamy white chocolate syrup. For a truly indulgent afternoon, or a little after-lunch sweetness.
Shop 1, Posthouse Centre
Corner Posthouse Street & Main Road
Bryanston, 2021