Nestled deep in the Magaliesburg mountains is far more than just the open bush and seasonal fauna and flora of the local Highveld hills, there behind the thicket lies an exciting discovery to be made by all with a decent GPS and keen sense of adventure!

The Black Horse Distillery may have started brewing beer, but over the past few years (and with much anticipation!) they have now expanded into the wonderful world of distilling spirits. Welcome brethren we say! They now distill vodka, whiskey and a remarkable gin we are delighted to delve a little deeper into.

The name itself, ‘Morality’ we gather, was chosen because of its link to the origins of gin itself. Commonly known as ‘mother’s ruin’ in the days of old, many art canvasses exist depicting drunkards and care-free lower class strewn across the town streets holding bottles of the clearly intoxicating swill, immorality itself, as it were. Morality on the other hand is modern, thought provoking and easily shared among friends with a taste for new-age craft gin.

The process of how Morality is distilled is rather unique as well, and took Mariuz Bezuidenhout – the Master Distiller – 4 years to perfect. ” Each bottle of Morality Amber GIN is distilled and bottled by hand from single malt barley, vapour-infused through a botanicals basket with Juniper berries, lemon and orange peel and a range of other spices, then casked in old French oak barrels giving a refreshing, flavourful and smooth finish.”

Marius Bezuidenhout

Master Distiller


Just a stone throw away from the hustle and bustle of cities like Jozi & Pretoria, one can easily already imagine sitting on the brewery stone patio, sipping on great goblets of Morality on ice, overlooking a view of thick green African wonder, almost as breath taking as the gin itself. We highly recommend.


(082) 853-0478

2 Seekoeihoek, Magaliesburg, 1791